Antonio Conte would like to think positively.

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Antonio Conte head coach of Tottenham Hotspur admitted that. The team are skewed from a program that has been stuffed in 16 football games since entering October. By requesting to go back and analyze the performance, both good and bad. But not only negative statistics to discourage encouragement.

Spurs just got out of the third round of the Carabao Cup when they lost 0-2 to Forest yesterday. Counting as 8 consecutive black bows that were unable to break the net in the first half. Only in the country ( English Premier League , Carabao Cup ) after five consecutive matches of 0-2.  

When it comes to the problem of frame players, either striker Harry Kane or midfielder Pierre Emile Hoibierk. The 53 -year -old boss wants to go back and set himself up for the 2022 FIFA World Cup break. Not more traumatized than this UFABET.  

Antonio Conte said

“ We know that. see the situation In which my work in the latter part sometimes has to be followed by opponents for 7 consecutive matches , some 0-1 , some 0-2 – that matter can happen .

“ At this point, you need to concentrate and think about the positive because if you get stuck on the negative Just one moment is enough But this hour, don’t be sad for long because the overall result of the competition makes it difficult. Being pumped both physically and mentally. ”

“ All the factors that helped to become stronger have all disappeared. ”

“ Of course, I chose to analyze both the good and the negative. But I think it would make more sense to focus on the good. The goal now is to recover well. Concentrate on Saturday to show strength. ” 

“ This Saturday ( home vs Leeds ) , the fans will have a good part in the game. Will push us from start to finish, because if you win 3 points , it means that you can pass through the brutal race queue while still holding on to the Champions League area ., The position on the table is good . should be our satisfaction. ”  

Spurs are fourth in the table with 26 points, three more than fifth -placed Manchester United. But played more than one match.