Erik ten Hag targets Manchester United of the top four champions.

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Manchester United boss Erik ten Hag has set his goal this season is to lead the team to a title. Including being in the top four of the Premier League as well.

         Manchester United currently fifth in the table are set to face Aston Villa in the Carabao Cup third round on Thursday night. In which the Dutch coach reveals the goal of the first year of team management. That he wants to have a championship in his hands. Including grabbing the top four of the table to win as well UFABET 

         Ten Hag said.

“First of all we have to win every game. For now we are in a position to be able to win the title at the end of the season. That means that by the middle of March mid April. We have to be in a position where we can win titles.”

         “Until then it’s about winning games and also improving the team. their game and how the team plays that’s the goal. There are so many possibilities and it’s hard to say. Obviously when I say I want to win every game and you win it. That’s clear (laughs) but we play a lot of competitions and we want to win it.

         “We want to win the top four. that’s the goal To get there it will be a difficult season because from what I’ve heard this is probably the strongest Premier League in years.

         “There is a lot of competition between the lower and upper teams. It’s very close but at the top level I think seven or eight teams invest a lot, not just one or two, not just us. But also teams like Newcastle, they really invested a lot, West Ham as well. But obviously we want to be in the top four.