Causes of the common cold.

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The common cold is caused by a viral infection. There are many types of viruses that cause the flu. But the most common is Rhinovirus. which this type of virus can trigger the symptoms of asthma patients to worsen. and can be related to ear infections. The rhinovirus can enter the body through the mouth, eyes, and nose and can also spread through the air. Can be contagious in case of contact with someone with the flu. or use various items with the patient and not washing hands before touching the eyes, mouth, and nose, which may cause infection. UFABET In addition, people with the following risk factors They often catch the flu more easily than other people, including:

  • Age: Children younger than 6 years are at higher risk of getting sick with the flu. Especially children who have to stay in day care. or nursery
  • weak immune system Patients with chronic illnesses or have a health condition that makes a weakened immune system more likely to become sick with the flu
  • period, in most cases, regardless of whether children Or adults tend to catch the flu easily during the rainy season. and or winter
  • Smoking. People who smoke are more likely to get sick with the flu. And if it is, the symptoms will be more severe than normal as well.
  • Being in a crowded place A crowded place Makes it easy to be at risk of contracting the common cold virus.