Simone Inzaki praised his team even though he hit it first.

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Inter Milan coach Simone Inzaki praised his team for their focus and determination. Along with doing good work in the last game.

Internazionale beat Bologna 6-1 in Serie A on Wednesday night. With the Nerazzurri taking 27 points from 14 games so far.

“We know how important mentality is in football. We played against a team that had just won four games in a row, we conceded an unfortunate goal. But still concentrated on the game.” Simone Inzaki told DAZN.

“We have won five of the last six games (in the league), we all jumped to that point except Napoli, who are still far away. Now there is no need to look at the scoreboard. We have to put the Champions League to the sidelines because everything is in the present UFABET

“Unfortunately, we played 18 games without Romelu Lukaku and 14 without Marcelo Brozovic, two very important players. We are doing well in the Champions League, but in Serie A you have to perform like San Siro away from home.

“The defeat against Juventus was really painful. But I saw the players concentrate and focus on training a lot. We conceded a strange goal tonight. But I’m sure we can fix it.”