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Monthly Archives: September 2023

Examples of foods high in phosphorus.

Foods that are high in phosphorus are foods that Everyone should get to know. This is because phosphorus is a mineral that is essential to the body in many ways. Such as being a component of genetic material. Helps strengthen and repair bones and teeth. It is an important

Using paracetamol.

For safety in using paracetamol Drug users should strictly follow the instructions of their doctor, pharmacist, or drug label knowledge. Paracetamol is a medicine that can be used without a doctor’s prescription. Each dose should be taken every 4–6 hours and the amount should not exceed 500–1,000

Zucchini and its benefits for the skin

Mature zucchini has a lot of fiber. Many people therefore like to use loofah or loofah to exfoliate the skin while bathing. It is believed to have a positive effect on the skin. Helps remove dead skin cells or dirt that is clogged in the skin. Luffa is also

Causes of the common cold.

The common cold is caused by a viral infection. There are many types of viruses that cause the flu. But the most common is Rhinovirus. which this type of virus can trigger the symptoms of asthma patients to worsen. and can be related to ear infections. The rhinovirus can