Emerson Royal dropped to reserve position under Postecoglou

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Emerson Royal dropped to reserve position under Postecoglou

Royal said: “Obviously it’s a bit different. Especially in the defensive game Because your standing position will be completely different. But as I said before. I’m here to help the team. Even if they make me a goalkeeper, I will be. I may not be the best player. But I will try my best.”

At this time, Spurs’ situation had entered a period of severe crisis. 

After key players like James Maddison, Micky Van de Ven, Richarlison Christian Romero and Yves Bissouma were all injured and suspended, and Royal is ready to take their place.

Royal continued, “I think it’s important. There must be players who can play different positions. Of course, you can put any player on the team. But it works really well. That is difficult. If the manager puts me somewhere He knew I would do a good job.”

“Right now we have some good players who are injured or suspended. But the team isn’t just the starting 11 players. You need a very good team to achieve big things. I like to think game by game. But I’m very confident in this team. We have a great team with good players. We have a manager with a really good playing style.

“We are one of the best teams at the moment. And we are fighting I hope we fight for everything this season. As I said I am a competitor who wants to win. So why can’t we? We will fight to be in the best position possible.”

Having players who are willing to sacrifice And being dedicated to the team with every assigned role like Royal makes Spurs have a good team spirit. And perhaps it is an important point that makes the partisans “Golden Spurs” returned to victory again. Report from ยูฟ่าเบท https://ufabet999.com